Raising Goats in New Jersey

Boer goats for sale year round. More goats available than what are pictured on the website please email for the most current info. Delivery and hauling services available.

Kids available for sale.  

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2DOX Call Girl *Ennobled*  Birthdate:01/30/06

Call Girl was the 2007 IBGA Overall Reserve NATIONAL CHAMPION FB Doe. She is super long and extremely elegant. Fantastic donor producing an average of 20 embryos per flush. It is not every day that you can own a National Champion. See herd doe page for more information.


  • Sire: 2DOX GQ *Ennobled*
  • SS: FSE Dyna-Mo *Ennobled*
  • SD: AABG/Loid Cover Girl *Ennobled*
  • Dam: ANP Mary Louise
  • DS: CNR Pistolero *Ennobled*
  • DD: Downen pipelines Faith

Streight Shewter - Keystone Sale  Birthdate:06/10/10

Consigned to Keystone Summer Harvest Sale - Streight Shewter is a red buck with lots of white spots, out of a spotted doe and sired by our loudly spotted buck Sharp Shewter. Strong spotted genetics that will have you seeing spots in your herd. Start your spotted program today!!! We reatained Straight Shewter's brother Shewtin Spots for our breeding program. Check him out on our Reds and Spots page.


  • Sire: Sharp Shewter
  • SS: Shew
  • SD: Codi Sirena
  • Dam: Bourbon Cherry
  • DS: Loghan Hill Mr. Makers Mark
  • DD: Codi Sirena

Shew Baby - Keystone Sale  Birthdate:04/18/11

Consigned to Keystone Summer Harvest Sale - Well built 50% doe kid sired by our Spotted buck Sharp Shewter. Shew Baby’s dam is a paint that was sired by DSA Stallone, an *Ennobled* Freighttrain son.


  • Sire: Sharp Shewter
  • SS: Shew
  • SD: Codi Sirena
  • Dam: DSA Stallone
  • DS: CBC Freighttrain *Ennobled*
  • DD: DSA Nemo

2 Commercial Doe - Keystone Sale  Birthdate:

Consigned to Keystone Summer Harvest Sale - Tag 5 - Nice spotted commercial doe. Selling exposed to Shewtin Spots, our wildly spotted yearling buck. See our Reds and Spots page for his picture. Take her home and get your breeding program spotted today!! Tag 21 - Quality commercial doe straight out of the pasture. This doe has produced us some great wethers. Selling exposed to KRG Lovers PayDay, our massive, multi-champion stud buck.


  • Sire:
  • SS:
  • SD:
  • Dam:
  • DS:
  • DD:

J&J1/AABG Bold-N-Beautiful  Birthdate: 3/03/08

Show Doe - Bold-n-Beautiful is an elegant yet powerful doe that stands square on all four. Passed visual inspection and has 57 ABGA points, has IBGA points as well.She was Overall Grand Champion Doe the last time we showed her.Great genetic package, pedigree includes RRD Cannon and RRD Gauge. Both parents and all grandparents are Ennobled. See herd doe page for more info.Will be bred in Sept.


  • Sire: 2DOX/AABG Bold Rush *Ennobled*
  • SS: RRD Cannon *Ennobled*
  • SD: 2DOX Sheer Elegance *Ennobled*
  • Dam: AABG/Loid Keepsake *Ennobled*
  • DS: RRD Gauge *Ennobled*
  • DD: EGGS Paulina *Ennobled*

Spotlight  Birthdate: 5/05/11

Wow, take a look at this tri-colored spotted 88% doe kid.


  • Sire: KRG Lovers PayDay
  • SS: EGGS Lover *Ennobled*
  • SD: PP 93
  • Dam: Spot Me First
  • DS: Red Hot $
  • DD: Spot Me 10

Acquiring Target  Birthdate: 2/28/11

Herd Sire Prospect - Sired by RRD Right on Target, a Ruger son out of our great show doe Dixie.


  • Sire: RRD Right On Target *Ennobled*
  • SS: RRD Ruger *Ennobled*
  • SD: RRD T316
  • Dam: DXLR GW Dixie
  • DS: Blue Ribbon T99 Revel Rex
  • DD: MJGB Joannie

Casino Chip  Birthdate: 0/0/11

Take a look at this buck kid!! Sired by KRG Lovers PayDay, our multi-champion EGGS Lover *Ennobled* son out of 2DOX Pretty Vegas. Wide chest, strong hip, great head and neck extension.


  • Sire: KRG Lovers PayDay
  • SS: EGGS Lover *Ennobled*
  • SD: PP 93
  • Dam: 2DOX Pretty Vegas
  • DS: S2 Captain Marvel *Ennobled*
  • DD: Powell/Holman 167T

Spot Me First; Birthdate:02/28/09

Show proven spotted 75% doe. She has won her class every show. Great producer, kids are always spotted. This is a doe to start a spotted program with, don't miss this one.


  • Sire: Max Boer Goats Red Hot $
  • SS: EDSR NB 70
  • SD: 96199051
  • Dam: Max Boer Goats Spot Me 10
  • DS: Max Boer Goats Red Hot $
  • DD: Boer X

Angel Fire; Birthdate:02/05/06

Take a look at her. Perfect head, strong neck, wide chest, long body, solid frame, well muscled hind. One of my favorites, and it is not often one of my favorites is offered for sale. Great producer. Will be bred to PayDay in Sept.


  • Sire: RRD Rapid Fire *Ennobled*
  • SS: RRD Remfire *Ennobled*
  • SD: RRD P503 *Ennobled*
  • Dam: SEE 4B343
  • DS: PBL 3B414
  • DD: SEE Lauren

Cherry-N-Chips; Birthdate:0/0/11

Dark red with black spots are hott. Flashy 75% doe kid sired by Sharp Shewter out of a dappled doe that was sired by our Freighttrain son. Dam is not registered, so will be recognized as 50%


  • Sire: Max Boer Goats Sharp Shewter
  • SS: Shew
  • SD: Codi Senia
  • Dam:
  • DS:
  • DD:

Bo Blazin  Birthdate:

Quality buck that has a lot to offer. Sired by one of the greats, Bo Jangle.


  • Sire:DCW Bo Jangle *Ennobled*
  • SS: RRD Gauge *Ennobled*
  • SD:DCW Lexus *Ennobled*
  • Dam:KRG Blaze-N-Fire *Ennobled*
  • DS: RRD Rapid Fire *Ennobled*
  • DD:MC 2867 *Ennobled*