Boer Goats in New Jersey

Goat World is the largest Boer goat farm in New Jersey and the first farm to raise Boer goats in the state. We raise red, paint and traditional colored Full blood and percentage Boer goats with South African, Australian and New Zealand genetics. Our goal is to produce superior quality breeding, show and commercial grade stock to serve the needs of the Full blood and commercial meat goat producers in New Jersey and the entire Northeast.

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GWNJ Money 2 Burn won Overall Grand Champion Doe at the 2011 Fayette Fair.

Goat World is home to the following Ennobled Boer Goats

Our foundation herd includes all the following ENNOBLED BLOODLINES: Bingo´s Superman, Eggsfile, Kaptein,Pistolero,Sumo, Frances, Yabu, Tabu, 2SIS Tamu, Tarzan and Tsjaka. Other top bloodlines represented in our herd include Freightrain, FarmWorld's Snoopy, DMS Wobbles, Pegaso SA(CODI/PCI), Bodacious Hottentot, Bodacious Hoot and Bodacious Kito.

Goat World is constantly improving our herd so you can improve yours. We are proud to make available the newest genetics and championship bloodlines that are not typically found in this area.

University Research & Grants Awarded

Jim Lechner, the founder of Goat World has conducted Boer and Pygmy Goat research (nutrition, management and marketing) at Rutgers University since 1993. During this time he completed his Bachelor's and Master's degrees and is currently completing his PhD. His undergraduate research focused on exploring specialty animal enterprises as a means of diversifying and increasing the profitability of existing farming practices. Jim´s Masters and current PhD research focus on production and marketing of goat meat in the state of New Jersey. His production research is the first of its kind. His marketing research includes two statewide surveys covering 355 butcher shops and 230 restaurants. Jim is considered to be a leading meat goat researcher in the state. In a recent article the Hunterdon Democrat recognized Jim as an ´expert on meat goats´. In addition to Jim´s research experience, he has over 20 years of experience raising livestock (15 yrs raising goats).

Goat World has been the recipient of numerous grants to explore non-traditional, value added market for goat meat in New Jersey. In 2004, Goat World received a Value Added Producer Grant from the Food Innovation Center, Rutgers University to conduct a management survey of fine dining restaurants located in New Jersey. The goal of the survey was to establish the management's current knowledge of goat meat and its preparation, as well as willingness to serve high quality goat meat on their menus.

In the fall of 2005, Jim Lechner co-authored a Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension Partnership grant application with Lou Cooperhouse of the Rutgers Food Innovation Center entitled "Increasing the Sustainability of Northeastern Goat Farms via the Establishment of Value-Added Goat Meat Products in New, Non-traditional Markets". I am proud to announce that our application was funded. Jim Lechner of Goat World will serve as the project manager. He will work to develop new interest in goat meat among food service directors, culinary institutes, and restaurateurs by offering education, custom cutting, and preparation materials. Outreach will be via trade magazines, journals, project announcements, tasting events, and other mechanisms that target the culinary community.

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