Savanna Goats in New Jersey

Goat World is excited to announce the addition of Savanna goats to our breeding program in New Jersey. We are proud to be the first to introduce this breed to New Jersey. As meat goat producers in New Jersey, we are constantly searching for the edge that will allow us to increase the production and profitability of our herd. We believe the Savanna breed will help us meet our goals as commercial meat goat producers. Savanna goats are functionally efficient, meat-producing goat that exhibits excellent growth rates, muscling and carcass traits.This breed make a great pairing with our herd of Boer goats.



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The Savanna goat was developed in South Africa by the Chillers family through selective breeding of a variety of indigenous female goats and a good robust white male. As a result of natural selection under unfavorable environmental conditions such as drought, heat and cold only the fittest and best adapted goat survived. Selection in this herd was mainly aimed at breeding a heat, drought and parasite resistant, functionally efficient, meat-producing goat that exhibits excellent growth rates, muscling and carcass traits. Savanna goats have relatively low nutritional requirements making them able to survive and reproduce where other breeds of goats cannot exist. Savanna goats utilize poor quality pasture, thorn bushes and shrubs which are unpalatable to other goats and sheep. Savanna goats also thrive on planted pastures or under intensive management.

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Savanna goats are the ultimate easy care breed. Savanna goats require minimum handling or care. Savanna goats are very hardy and are to a large extent disease resistant. It appears that Savanna goats have a natural resistance against tick and other external parasites, due to their thick well pigmented mobile skins. Their well pigmented skin also provides protection against strong ultraviolet rays. Savanna goats are a highly fertile breed and are adapted to reproduce under unfavorable conditions. A high twinning rate is generally achieved, even under sub-optimal conditions. Savanna does exhibit excellent mothering ability and are great milk producers, which ensure fast growing kids. Savanna goats are not seasonal breeders, therefore, mating can be done at almost any time.